5 Best Free Antivirus For iPhone Users

The world of internet has never been safe. With development of technology, the threat of virus attacks has also increased. Therefore to protect your iPhone and your confidential data stored in it, you definitely need a good antivirus. Below is a list of 5 excellent and free antivirus apps for your precious iPhone.


Lookout mobile security is one of the most used antivirus apps. It provides both online and offline protection. It could also help you in finding your lost/ stolen phone. It saves the last location of your phone just before the battery gets out completely, making finding your lost phone easier via the online portal of the Lookout. It can also backup your contacts and other important information automatically. You could personalize your frequency of scanning. And to avail these features, you just need to create an account with Lookout. Get it from iStore.

Anti-Virus Detective

This app is an automatic detective that not only looks for virus or malware but also provides protection against them. The easiest way to infect any device is through apps, so this antivirus scans all your apps and offers solutions for any virus related issues.

Mc Afee Antivirus

This is one of the best antivirus apps available. McAfee is already a popular company name in protecting our laptops and computers. They have created a place for themselves in the iPhone apps market too. This application targets a basic-home user for whom the risk of data loss is more than data infected by malware. Through this app you could track your lost phone from the wavesecure site, even if you phone has GPS enabled or not. You could also remotely wipe data in case you lose your phone, which you could easily back up later. Get it from iStore.

5 Best Free Antivirus For iPhone Users

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Mobile Security provides you all the regular security features and a special feature to find your lost device too. It also has the feature to back up your contacts. Developed by Symantec, Norton has got huge virus and malware database plus awesome technology and experience backing it. This app can find and heal all threats in your phone. Users of Norton can control security of their mobiles through a single and convenient website. Get it from iStore.

Sophos Security Monitor

Sophos Security Monitor app has been specifically been built for the iOS. It offers users to connect to the Sophos Threat Center where they can get information on latest viruses and malwares. This is among the quickest apps to inform the user about the safety of files, URLs, IP  etc. Get it from iStore.

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