5 Best Music Apps For iPhone Users

There are quite a lot of music app available on the iStore and to figure out the best one worth your time is quiet a task. Below is a list of 5 such apps which are worth your time and not very known to the world!

1. Fiddlewax Blue

Fiddlewax Blue makes playing music easier as it offers different type of instruments and still retains the essence of music-making. You just have to select the key you want to play and the app figures out the notes and chords that work together. It even has advanced modes that enables users play any note, but is more appealing in its simpler version. Fiddlewax Yellow is for the vocalist, and is a harmonizer/beat-maker and has great ease of use. With a handful of frequency presets and quiet many combinations of use on’s, this app has good depth. Download this App from Apple Store.

2. Pacemaker

If you desire to use your  iPad to DJ, Pacemaker is a fantastic option.  If you are a premium Spotify subscriber, you use any of the many tracks on the streaming service. The way Pacemaker is done is that even a beginner can understand the advanced functions. Download this App from Apple Store.

3. Jukely

Jukely is the best way to find concerts. This app could recommend you with shows you are likely to enjoy based on your listening history across iTunes and other subscription services. In fact the options are graded according to your tastes, making your decision process easier. Right now it offers for shows on in 12 major cities, and could also give you the driving town to the closest city you end up selecting. This app can also let you know about others going to the show, hence facilitating coordination. Along with all this, you could also view an audio preview of each show in advance. So, no doubt, Jukely is the best app to find live shows. Download this App from Apple Store.

Top 5 Best Music Entertaining Apps For iPhone

4. Hum

Hum  solves the problem a songwriter faces of spread out apps for recording sound, producing notes, and keeping track of song ideas. It combines voice-recording and note-taking all into one app. You could with a single key tag notes, mood, capo, tune and tempo. It is a simple yet brilliant app.

5. Listen

This app is all about gestures. This could replace your built-in music app and lets you control music without looking your phone’s screen! It uses the whole screen, instead of a tiny touch target to control your music. By tapping anywhere on screen you could toggle the play/pause function, and change songs by swiping left or right. To switch between different albums, just pull the center down to the bottom. Each album’s artwork is big and touch-friendly. Download this App from Apple Store.

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