5 Best TV Based Mobile Apps

Mobile phones are covering hell a lot of human needs in one device in today’s era. As you must be aware, your mobile can also act as a TV anytime and anywhere you want now. There are various mobile apps which showcase all your TV shows and news, exactly the same way you would experience in TV. So, here I list the best TV based mobile app to experience a haze less time.


The Huluhave movies, videos and TV series are any time available for your use in the web browser. ButHuluPlus app as the name depicts has more in stores for you, this app showcase majority of the TV shows and movies which are recently released in television for you,unlike other TV mobile app.Obviously, you would not like to try anything without assurance and soyou have an option of free subscription of one week before buying the app. Once satisfied, you can buy this app at just $7.99 per month.


Crackle is a free of cost application which starts working the moment you download it with thousands of TV shows, news and movies of your interest. The data of the application get refreshed frequently to add the latest episodes of the shows and news to the app.With the joy of getting so much free of cost, you have to face advertisements in-between of around 25- 30 seconds to get to your concerned shows. I guess that’s 100% worth it!! One of the best features is- this app will make note of the episode and screen you left and starts screening again from the spot you last left.

Top 5 Best TV Based Mobile Apps


TV.com will showcase the shows from CBS and Viacom network like CNET TV, CBS sports, CW, Showtime etc.  The app has good clarity and apt episodes, it also marks the screen where you left earlier, hence allowing you to continue from the same screen you left last time. The highlighting feature of this app again is the good quality TV channel shows completely available at free of cost,though you will have to face advertisement just like Crackle application.

Google Play Movies

You can easily download your favorite movies and shows from Google play store and watch them flawlessly in Google Play Movies.  This Google Play mobile app is flexible with any Android system or Tablets. One of the advantages of this app is- once downloaded, the content can be easily viewed without a wireless connection.  For now, TV shows are only available in US now, but you can enjoy the movie facility from any corner of the world at the cost of FREE!


The best collection of movies and television series will be available at IMDb with a second screen available for TV addicts. This app will not only showcase the movies and serials, but will also present you with the best background information about the cast and crew of that particular video.Along with this latest information, you can also view and recap all the TV shows all by few easy clicks.If you are an iOS user and have amazon instant video app installed already, then you can directly play the video from IMDb.

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