5 Free Kids Games for Android

To keep you kids entertained while they learn is no more a difficult task. Our smart phones are a great way for it. The Google Play Store has many such interactive, fun and educational games available for all ages. And worry not, with custom sandbox apps and parental monitors installed on you smart phone, you need not worry about the access to your phone being misused. Below listed 5 free Android apps could let your little monsters enjoy and also learning in the process

1. 0-10 Numbers Baby Flash Cards

This app is perfect for toddlers. It has the very basics and is voice assisted to teach your little ones counting. It has a bunch of flash cards illustrating numbers from 1 to 10.  The illustrations show how the actual number looks and the next round shows count according to the number like 5 monkeys, 6 girls etc. This app also gives you the option of recording your voice and not using the default one for a personal touch. Download from Play Store.

2. Classic Simon

This is a really good memory game. It keeps your child calm and occupied. Although it does not have those extremely cute graphics and animations, it is a very interesting and engaging game for your little ones. Download from Play Store.

5 Free Kids Games for Android

 3. Snail Bob

This game is fun and captures the imagination and ideal for younger children. It is a physics-based strategy game. The goal of the game is to lead a snake to the exit point. With barriers and hurdles on the way, the motive of the game to lead the snake to the exit as early as possible. Download from Play Store.

4. Where’s My Water Free

This game is about Sparky the alligator. It is a physics-based game and is about tapping and letting water flowing such way that the alligator can enjoy a long shower. The animations of the game are really good. This is a clever game and is a fun means to enhance your child’s problem-solving skills. It can also make your child understand the concept of gravity easily. Download from Play Store.

5. Train Conductor 2 Lite

All children love trains. This game, train conductor 2 is all about guiding trains to their destination and avoiding any disastrous collisions on the way. Playing it is easy and would teach your child a sense of direction too. To play, kids have to simply drag each train towards the correct track. They can do this with just swiping their finger. This game is sure to keep your child entertained for hours. Download from Play Store.

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