Access Internet Remotely and Anonymously with TorVPN VPN

TorVPN is one of the latest VPN in the market. It provides quick and easy solution for accessing the internet without content filters. It allows you to browse the web anonymously, strict content filtering, remote access to your home/office workstation and securing VOIP communication.

This virtual private network hides your IP address and encrypts their network activity. You will be provided with a new IP address to hide the original address and location. It runs on almost every platform which support openVPN including Mac OS X, Linux, IOS and Android.

Access Internet Remotely and Anonymously with TorVPN VPN

Advantages of TorVPN

  • It encrypts traffic.
  • It hides IP address.
  • It provides good anonymity.
  • Easily connects Tor network.
  • Easy set up of browser to use it directly.

Disadvantages of TorVPN

  • It has Multi-step setup.
  • It has limitation on access for free users.
  • It also has Bandwidth quotas.
  • Little slow.

This service is available as Free VPN up to 1 GB. If a user uses more than 1 GB than they have to opt for some plan based on the approximate traffic they might use. The traffic caps are measured separately for sending and receiving data. The plan starts from 5 GB usage at the rate $3.95 and goes on till 100 GB for $40.

The control panel of this VPN Software – VPN Software has several advanced features. It provides a transparent solution for encrypted communication, it connects securely, uses SSH tunneling, port forwarding.  They have SOCKS proxy that uses the TOR network.

TorVPN collects user statistics to know the amount of data being transferred and promises no logging or monitoring. The statistics achieved are used to detect instances of abuse, such as if someone was flooding a server in a denial of service attack using the service.

The VPN Client – VPN Client who opts for plan can have more up to 2 accounts in TorVPN. Hence they can have more traffic quotas under their hand and can use unlimited access to internet. The tier offers unlimited access to certain types of sites.  If you pay for social tier then you have unlimited access to internet for social websites like facebook, orkut, LinkedIn, twitter, Google etc.

A drawback to mention is that they don’t provide a quick means to know the traffic level used by the user. Hence there might be condition wherein the user might not know and run out of traffic caps.

Access Internet Remotely and Anonymously with TorVPN VPN

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