Action Gaming in the City of Glamour with L.A Noire for Windows PC

Are you In search of the pure action game? Go for LA Noire. LA noire is one of the all-rounder action games based on the city of the Los Angeles, the city of glamour, wealth and fame. The game e revolves round the voice, crime and corruption of the Los Angeles City.

Here in this game the player assumes the role of the Los Angeles Police and detective Squad named Phelps. The game starts and revolves round the activities of Phelps. In each mission in each level a new assistance is given to Phelps to solve the problems of LA crime scene. The starts will be awarded to Phelps depending on the performance of crime and its solution.

Free Download Action L.A Noire Game for Windows XP, Vista and 7Free Download Action L.A Noire Game for Windows XP Vista 7

There are also some lucrative features in the game that makes it seem a part of your real life. While playing the player will find assistance from the items like news papers that describes about the crime scene. The most unique feature of the game is that it gives you a perfect blend, of game, clime, investigation, solve, clues and chases in a perfect situation and surrounding.

The game also include exciting, car chase as well as foot chase, gun fights, one to one hand combat etc. The game gives you the most realistic views of the crime scenes and that makes the game more attractive and enjoyable. The player/ Phelps have the option of travelling b y any means, — on foot, or on the official car of the police department.

The car for the Police department is unlocked as the player completes each mission. You are also provided with 10 detective suits that helps you in further game. They are the symbol of your special abilities such as—damage protection and help in perfect aiming.

The game has the unique features of skipping the past; if the player fails to complete the mission after three consecutive e attempts then the chapter is skipped. The character of the player being police cannot go to throw tantrum or make chaos. The weapon options also come in different appropriate situations.

The game frequently unfolds some interesting modes where the player is allowed to roam freely to solve the crimes of the street and to collect gold reels and badges. This option is available only after completing the quest.
If you find the game interesting and just of your type then go for a free demo version download from

Free Download Action L.A Noire Game for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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