Action Pack Gaming with Batman Arkham City for Windows PC

Just like the predecessors of the Batman series of games, this one named Batman: Arkham City is also an action packed game, which had generated interest in the gamers long before its arrival in the market in the month of May 2011.

The game involves the clash of the Batman with the various villains including the famous Joker, the Outcasts, Two-Face and also a lone gang. The game is built on the very base of its nearest predecessor in the series of game, but with slight difference as the predator strategies and the weapons will be available from the very beginning of the game in the newest version.

Free Download Batman Arkham City Game for Windows XP, Vista, 7

In this new game, the player will face the classic villains from the famous cartoon series in the location of a rumbling place inside the Gotham city. The game requirements are quite similar to those of the previous version. The minimum requirements of the game makes it more interesting for the gamers as it doesn’t involve huge disk space need as other games require.

The purchase of the game provides the user with a code through which he can open up a few more missions by downloading them from the website of the game. The game involves a demo where the Cat woman id punished by the Two-Face, which becomes the base of the game itself.

Unlike previous games, the Cat woman is also a playable character in this game, whose main skills are acrobatics oriented. Her weapons involve claws, whips and bolas. The total game play time of the batman: Arkham City is about forty hours, which makes it an interesting game to play.

The plot involves the Two-Face planning to execute the Cat woman publicly after she tries to flee from the prison. The Gotham city has become, on the other hand a police state, where the person with slightest criminal inclination is shipped to the prison district or put behind the walls of Arkham.

The Batman hacks and finds out about the plan of the Two-Face for the Cat woman. He comes to rescue both the Cat woman as well as the Gotham city from the evils hands.

The game Batman: Arkham City was released in the month of May and within a few days of its release it has gained a tremendous support as well as enthusiasm for itself. Though the Microsoft and The Rock steady Studios have released the game in the market in the form of DVDs, the game is also available on the internet at

Free Download Batman Arkham City Game for Windows XP, Vista, 7

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