Adventure and Puzzle Gaming with Bub for iPhone and iPad

It is a puzzle cum adventure game where you need to use bubbles to collect things ranging from the in game articles. Your quest is to reach new forests and make seed crackers along the away as you go. Every time that you reach a new bub level, the bubble you have, enters a new forest which has marvelous new flowers.

Friendly creatures do exist but so do dangerous enemies. Bub is a very interesting game for all ages and everyone who plays it will enjoy it. The game play is very simple but still it is absorbing to a large extent and will keep you glued to it.

Free Download Adventure Puzzle Bub Game for iPhone and iPad

The presentation is fantastic, especially the background, along with the power ups that make the background glow up brightly with light, with reflections of trees and objects, floating around in the bubbles do look magnificent and the new improved sound track also helps make the experience great fun.

It can be played in both action and classic mode, both of which are great fun. The single player version allows you to play the game accordingly, while in the multiplayer version of the game, you have to challenge your fellow human in races to complete missions according to your choice.

The game has great graphics and beautiful artwork, which is brand new and upgraded from the previous versions. Great work has gone into the making which has yielded great results so far and hence welcomes you to the world of Bub.

New improved sound tracks make it a great experience for the players. Everything has been modified and the new music and game play give you a very edgy feel over the game and it makes it great fun to play. It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3 .2 or higher versions.

Previous crashes have been fixed and hence you can proceed without being held up for long, at the beginning, a problem with the older version which many had to deal with. Hence no nuisance while launching the game.

The previous bugs have been fixed and other improvements have been made which have improved the game play to a large extent. Hence it is going to be even more fun playing bub. You can download the game for free from

Free Download Adventure Puzzle Bub Game for iPhone and iPad

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