Adventurous Puzzle Life Gaming with Limbo for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Due to the considerate puzzles and prominent visuals makes the game Limbo an intellectual adventure which every one must experience. Someplace amid life and death stretches outs limbo, frightening places where the shabby light rays shine unsteadily from above are consumed entirely by ink-black shades.

A young courageous boy, although badly equipped to live in such an antagonistic place, is locked in this dream world, and protected away from the wellbeing of reality. Hazardous persons, unfriendly natives, and fatal traps crowd this strange plane of survival, making continued existence the only substantial goal to struggle for.

Free Download Puzzle Game Limbo for Windows XP, Vista and 7

Limbo is dressed with cerebral ensnare of considerate puzzles with an unwelcoming visual drawing and light, temperamental audio to suck you in as totally as the character child who is cruelly locked in here. This creative, solemn adventure so skillfully unites all of its constituents that its night unfeasible to tremble free from its hold once it grips hold of you.

Advantages of Limbo:

  • Unstable, black-and-white visuals
  • Admirable sound designs
  • Creative puzzles with countless variety
  • Buried secrets recompenses a following play-through

The major drawback of this game is that it ends abruptly. The puzzles in this game are hardly ever tricky, however they do take a tad of consideration to finish, and it’s extremely pleasing to shape them out and persist on your way.

Trial and error is a sturdy element since death often coils from unforeseen places. A rock may fall down from a hill without any notice or suddenly a floor may become charged while you are continuing standing on it. Most of the times, inescapable death in the games can show the way to aggravation, but Limbo stay away from this downside for several reasons.

  • First, the checkpoint system is very much sympathetic.
  • Secondly, barriers are laid out in a reasonable manner, so once you have a plan of what to imagine, you can shift on with small problem.
  • Thirdly, there are slight hints to assist you finishing some of the puzzles.

A smash off screen specifies that a vital object was taped from a tree, or a fluctuating spotlight may direct you in the correct direction so you make out when to time your jumps.

System Requirement for Limbo

  • OS- Windows XP, 7 or Vista
  • RAM- 512 MB
  • DirectX- 9.0c
  • HDD- minimum 150MB of free space required

As this game is now available for free download for either PC or laptop one can download it from the site

Free Download Puzzle Game Limbo for Windows XP, Vista and 7

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