Alice in Wonderland is back with Alice: Madness Returns Game

The game is based on the fundamentals of the all time favorite book Alice in wonderland. The game just makes the whole thing a bit more dark and grotesque. The wonderland was never a pleasurable experience for the reader as well as the character herself. And when some more gruesomeness is added to that hallucination, the situation becomes an altogether dystopia.

The demonic surroundings of the world to which Alice is thrown into through the game is nothing but a total mismatch with the seemingly pleasing atmosphere of the o9riginal wonderland. Here the dolls breathe fire and there are those blood sucking leeches everywhere around. The character has to take each of her steps with utmost care. As the title of the game tells us, the game is just a sequel of the previous version of it.

Alice: Madness Returns Game - American McGee's Alice 2

The ‘Returns’ tag is the thing which tells us about the game being just a sequel of the original one. And the sequel is not at all up to the expectations of the gamers around the world. The gamers do had a very high expectation about this game before its launch, as they loved the previous part of it. But the total disappointment is due to the unavailability of the same kind of creative brilliance as it was presented to the gamers by the first part of it.

About the features of the game, it provides the gamers with the uncanny experience of visiting the so called wonderland of Alice, where they have to face those dark and gloomy creatures, and most interestingly, these are not those grotesque creatures of those horror games, also not those aliens of the war craft games in the space. But rather these are the dolls and toys which are of common usage and which turn into the creature with evil inside.

The sequel of the game is quite disappointing to those gamers of the world, who once loved the first part. Disappointment is due to the repetition of those things in the game which were present in the first version of it.

The same old Japanese world of toys and that over size dream world makes the player feel quite bored after playing for a few minute itself. The game is available in the market in the nearest electronic shop to your house and also over the internet on various websites. The game can be downloaded from these websites or can be ordered to be shipped to your home.

Alice: Madness Returns Game – American McGee’s Alice 2

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