All in One – Desktop Web Player, Digital Jukebox, Web browser on Songbird

Songbird is open source media player coded by Mozilla’s framework, it supports Windows application. Thus developing team added more feature like web browser to invent new concept called Web Player.

Songbird is first web player. Extension and themes support like other Mozilla products many of them are available in internet. Windows environment already much graphical thus this windows application makes more cool look, Showing features come along with Songbird feature.

All in One - Desktop Web Player, Digital Jukebox, Web browser on Songbird

Features of Songbird:

  • This Windows Tools supports Multi-platform compatibility with most widely used operating systems namely Windows XP, Vista, 7 and MAC OSX.
  • Windows software to play numerous audio formats i.e, MP3, MP4, AAC, Apple lossless and much more.
  • Skinnable interface looks much perfect in Windows possible by feathers.
  • Containing of web browser makes possible to this Windows Tools to play files from websites rather than requiring some plug ins.
  • Permits subscription of Mp3 blogs as playlists in user music library.
  • Most Windows application like Movie maker allows to make custom videos. Likewise this Windows Tools permits user to compose custom remixes.
  • Windows Software automatically scans for audio formats in local system and adds then to local library list.
  • Songbird Windows tool presents user with customizable and collapsible GUI.
  • Songbird automatically arranges file and file organization done.
  • Replay Gain is one of feature that users searching option for audio players are available in this windows application.
  • Songbird contains supported files for Windows MTP supported devices attaching to system and managing it.
  • Media files not only can be played in local storage devices, it allows importing/exporting of media from portable devices like IPods.
  • Last.FM is added as plug-in to play files and to provide ratings to media files.
  • Likewise this Windows Application allows integration last.Fm it also supports and Hype Machine.

Songbird is Windows software which is simple straight forward audio player, after invoke it asks for folder to look out for audio/media files for automatic library organization. This feature of this windows Application is Folder look.

Songbird is really cool because of half  audio player and half web browser to act as web player. So users much feel difference from using other audio players for windows.

System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98, Microsoft Windows 2000, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, Apple Mac OSX
  • RAM: 512 MB and higher
  • Processor: Pentium 4 and later on models
  • Space Required: 20 free Megabytes of free disk space setup file size.

Download from link at

All in One – Desktop Web Player, Digital Jukebox, Web browser on Songbird

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