All Round Security with Webroot Security & Antivirus for Android

If you are looking for Android Apps that can provide all round Security features like Internet Security, Anti Virus and much more. Then Webroot Security & Antivirus Android Apps is for you. “We believe in protecting you as an individual, not just the device you use to connect to the Internet” said Quinn Curtis, Vice President of mobile solutions for Webroot.

Webroot Security & Anti Virus not only provides Security for Smartphones but also provides total Security for Tablets too. If your Smartphone gets lost then this Android Apps can map your lost device and you can get it back without worrying. Let us see Features and Tools Webroot Security & Antivirus provides for various users.

Features of Webroot Security & Antivirus

Webroot Security Antivirus All Round Security for Android

  • If you are willing to inspect all the Apps that are installed on your Smartphone then a feature called App Inspector is embedded in this Anti Virus.
  • It has many other security features like remote data wipe, lost device mapping, virus shield, SIM card lock, network monitor and much more that you wouldn’t even dreamt of.
  • If you love surfing over the web then this Android Apps provides total Internet Security and hence securing you’re browsing by blocking many adware, malware and other suspicious programs.
  • Internet Security being the prime concern for the users is eradicated forever with this amazing Anti Virus.
  • There are two versions released for this Anti Virus one is limited free version that you can download from the Android Market and the other one is paid version which you can download from Best Buy Retail stores which will cost you around $14.99.

It provides total Internet Security by URL scanning technology to block all sort of threats and provides total security before a user opt to click a link to access web. If you lost your mobile or someone has theft your mobile then it is easy to track your mobile back with the help of a Smartphone tracker App in this tool.

This Anti Virus Android Apps automatically scans your Apps and files present on your Smartphones for viruses and any threats like malware, spyware, adwares and much more and hence providing the all round security for your Android Smartphone. You can download this Webroot Security & Antivirus from the following official link

Webroot Security Antivirus All Round Security for Android

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