Angry Birds Space announced by NASA Astronaut from Space

As and when the dates are getting more closer to March 22nd, we are getting more info on the much awaited Angry Birds Game Space. However, the maker of the game are in constantly touch with us to provide more specific information, to get more updated information you can Subscribe to our Email Newsletter. Recently they have released a video os NASA astronout who will be catapulting birds at pigs on the Space station which could be across to 390 kilometers above Earth.

In the below video, one would get a feeling on how to play the Angry Birds Game Space and how it would actually going to be. While, one of the most intersteing thing in this season of the game would be to decide how to play since there would be no Gravitational Pull in the Space and thus all the previous gaming version would change here perhaps. While, Rovio has already made a point that the game is perhaps going to be the biggest gaming til now.

Play Angry Birds Space by NASA astronaut Free Download

The company has also tied up with Samsung and has decided to bring out Samsung Galaxy Note in accordance with the Angry Birds Game so pull out and showcase more beauty of the game. One of the most interesting thing is that, its not easy always to cope with NASA people over promotion of a game, but looking at the popularity and stuffs, even NASA wouldn’t mine doing it and no one would consider of not going with them.

So this March 22, is going to be an awesome day with all the Birds landing onto the Space with our iOS, Android, PC and Mac devices. Untill then you can check out some of the most intersting post on Angry Birds Game below

Angry Bird for Android Phones

Angry Bird for Mac (Apple)

Angry Bird for Windows Platform

Angry Bird Rio Game for Windows Platform

Angry Bird for iPhone (iPhone, iPad)

Angry Bird for Nokia Mobile

Angry Bird for Google Chrome

[UPDATE on March 10]

Just we have got the news that Samsung has officially released new videos for Angry Birds Game Space which you can check out below



[UPDATE on March 22]

Below are some of the Official Videos from Angry Birds Space

Red Bird hits Angry Birds Space on March 22


Bomb explodes on to Angry Birds Space on March 22


Lazer Bird hits Angry Birds Space on March 22


Blue Birds are back in Angry Birds Space on March 22


Ice Bird debuts in Angry Birds Space on March 22


Terence crashes onto Angry Birds Space on March 22


Download Angry birds Game Space

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