Anonymous Web Surfing with Your Freedom VPN Services

You might face problems when you are not able to access few web-pages due to firewall or filtering web proxy. Not only this, you may not be able to access certain Apps, games and software too. Here is a solution to this problem. Your freedom VPN App will enable you to access such web-pages and Apps.  It will not matter whether you are in a censored country or in censored college/ university campus.

This VPN Software hides your network identity and so you can surf whatever you want with extreme security and privacy. This App is based on java and provides you with sophisticated tunneling solutions and proxy services. They have many servers located at different places all over the world.

Anonymous Web Surfing with Your Freedom Free VPN Services

The user can choose between a variety of range based on the traffic caps required by the user. However if you choose for Free VPN then you will face the problem of net being slow(64 kbps which is barely faster than dial up) along with time restriction. If you go for VPN access with payment, then you will get enough and comfort facility based on your range selection.  It ranges from 256k – €4.00 a month to 4 mb – €10.00 a month and if you prefer without speed cap then it will cost around €19.99 a month.

The Free VPN service will allow you to use it for 6 hours a day (up to 15 hours a week). You can either download their software or use the OpenVPN mode.  If you choose metered service then you can also pay using credit card.

This VPN is supported by OpenVPN, Web proxy and Socks proxy and this VPN works well on operating system like Windows, Mac OS/X, Linux etc. They only keep track your statistical data for accounting purposes only and are usually deleted within 4 weeks.

Therefore to summarize, this App has a big advantage of being able to access inaccessible web pages, it protects your entire web surfing session; securing your connection at both your home Internet network & Public Internet networks and has a big drawback of having 64 kbps for free usage and metered service is too costly when compared to other competitive VPN Apps. Bandwidth and time restriction has paved a way for downfall of this software too.

Anonymous Web Surfing with Your Freedom Free VPN Services

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