ARIA – DJ and karaoke Entertainment Software Player

ARIA is Mac Software which is something which has more than a player. Apart from being karaoke software it can also be used in DJ mode or in Scratch mode. Anybody interested in music can find this interesting. It is all-in-entertainment software discovered mainly for music lovers, the simple ARIA interface lets you get into the mix, or sing karaoke right away—you don’t need to pour over a complicated user’s manual. It is known for its Simplicity, Fun and Entertainment. Best of all, there are three different ARIA play modes to choose from.

Features of ARIA

ARIA - DJ and karaoke Entertainment Software Player

  • Easy to use all the three modes: Karaoke Mode, DJ/VJ Mode, Scratch Mode.
  • It allows you to use two monitors.
  • It features an online music store.
  • Auto-play and Shuffle Play options which allows seamless mixing for Jukebox type functionality.
  • Quick and seamless cross-fade and play can take place using Mix Now button.
  • 3 Band Equalizer for each player.
  • Change Key and/or Pitch to match your vocal range, or to match the opposite player for beat mixing.
  • Rock solid capability.
  • New tighter video and video scratching.

Karaoke mode:

It is one of the most user friendly interface which provides video mixing and music mixing programs. The Mac Tools of this karaoke has features like consists of a karaoke mode, supports MP3+G, the ability to change the key of the song, output to a TV or additional monitor etc. It is one of the very easy to use purchase karaoke files. You can also perform a secure search and purchase them with just few clicks.

Scratch mode:

As the name implies it has an Aria scratch mode makes it very easy to scratch a song or video. Scratching music is a very easy and fun-loving process and when it comes to scratching in ARIA, Arai makes it sound good. You can also record and save the songs and video and share with others.

DJ/VJ mode:

As the name describes, it has a DJ mode which makes it easy to mix music, this DJ mode also acts as a VJ mode and also performs mixing of videos. ARIA supports almost all audio and video formats, so it’s compatible with your content!

You can download karaoke Software this at

ARIA – DJ and karaoke Entertainment Software Player

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