Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus for Android Smartphone

Most of the users are concerned about their Smartphone Securities issues. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if any App that can combine all the features in one place and can deliver it to you. Well it’s all possible thanks to the Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus Android Apps that integrates all securities features.

Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus is fully featured Android Apps that comes with anti theft security and Internet Security. It has all the features in the world that can save your Smartphone from getting affected by all sort of Internet Security  and other risks that are concerned.

Let us see Features and Tools Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus  provides for various users.

Features of Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus

Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus for Android Smartphone

  • This Android Apps has on demand scan options that completely scan all the data that resides in your phone memory as well as external storage memory card.
  • If someone is bugging you and you don’t want to receive any sort of calls nor text messages then using this Android Apps you can very well black list them.
  • This Anti Virus has an App Manager that shows the current running Apps on your Smartphone that can be stopped and even can be uninstalled using this manager.
  • Superior Internet Security is provided by the Web Shield feature. It scans each URL that is accessed by the users and warns instantly if any infected URL is discovered.
  • Most of the other Anti Virus Apps doesn’t provide Firewall that can stop various attacks on your Smartphone. But this Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus provides this feature so that your Smartphone is always secured from all sort of suspicious activities over the web.

App Disguiser is an amazing feature in this Anti Virus that works really out of the box and provides an Anti-theft, user can choose any name that disguises the App say for example world of goo. By doing this it becomes even harder for the thieves to find this Anti Virus installed and remove it.

Yet another amazing feature so called self protection and it is very hard for the thieves to delete this Anti Virus App from the Smartphone. This App runs when any task is required and thus saves battery life.

You can download this Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus from the following official link

Avast Mobile Security Anti Virus for Android Smartphone

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