AVG Internet Security Antivirus 2012 Full Version

“Faster scans, easier to use, better performance” are 3 bottlenecks in any security suite, many vendor finds it hard to overcome but AVG proclaims of achieving it in their new version of anti-virus.

Free Download AVG Internet Security Antivirus 2012 Full Version

Feature of new security version compared to previous version are

  • Faster scan and Quick installation and Easier user interface
  • One click fix button for all your system security breaches
  • It identifies all fake “anti-virus” that get installed on your machine during Web browsing and prevents such product/fake product to be installed
  • The LinkScanner tool has been improvised for better gaming security
  • The LinkScanner tool has been improved to watch out for more dynamic code, which is essential in the security game because threats are mutating at such a rapid rate.
  • New AVG Accelerator option, speed up and optimize your internet connections effect of which can be seen on site like YouTube etc
  • AVG Advisor – monitoring tool that Warn if your browser consumes too much memory, a small pop asking you whether browser can be restarted but not “forcing “ you too close.
  • Smart scanning tech – an inbuilt resource manager that help you prioritize your scans. If a scan is scheduled to begin while the computer is in use, it will automatically restrict the scan so that it runs slower but doesn’t interfere with the computer’s other tasks. When it detects the computer idling, it will then allocate more power to the scan
  • PC Analyzer scans for your entire hard disk registry which also comes with disk defragmentation. . Although the feature is restricted in full to paid users, if you have the free version, the PC Analyzer comes with a one-time offer to clean all errors it finds.
  • The accelerator protocol was developed internally at AVG Whose effect can be seen on two sites: YouTube, and you can see its impact when pausing and unpausing videos; and Download.com for all binary downloads

AVG Internet Security 2012 includes all that AVG Anti-Virus 2012 offers, and adds in a firewall and antispam protections. It has reduced the disk space on your hard drive by 40 percent. No of process running has drastically changed from 16 to 11. It promises of reducing your system boot time by reducing 20 percent of memory usage. You can download the Full version at

Free Download AVG Internet Security Antivirus 2012 Full Version

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