Awesome Fun with Fruit Slice Android Game

Want to give a little exercise to your fingers? Then get ready to play the amazing and the most fun loving Fruit Slice Android Games. According to the various user reviews this Android Apps seems to be better than Fruit Ninja Mobile Apps. Are you itching to have your fingers rolling onto this game then follow this post to know more of its amazing features.

Fruit Slice is almost played by every user on this planet and it is really very fun to play along. I am sure you will never get tired to play all day long. If you have not played this game yet and want to know more than let us see some of the Features and fun this Game provides for various users.

Features of Fruit Slice Android Game

Download Fruit Slice Android Game for Awesome Fun

  • The motive of this game is to slice and dice all the fruits that come in your way and this game is fully featured game with amazing UI.
  • Many varieties of fruits are to be chopped such as pineapple, banana, apple, water melon and many other interesting fruits to look for.
  • Once you slice fruits you get points on table and set a new high score.
  • If you slice the fruits in a row consecutively then you get combo point like 3 combo, 4 combo etc.
  • As far as game play is considered there are two different modes namely classic and the time mode.

But beware of those black colored bombs that may ruin the taste of your game along. If you by mistake slice or even try to touch them they will get explode resulting the end of the current game. Watch out because these bombs are thrown out randomly between the fruits so keep open your eyes and conscientious all the time.

And you also need to keep track of the fruits because you are allowed to let go only two fruits unsliced and if more than that then its game over buddy. In the time mode you need to score points as high as possible before clock time outs and the good news is that there are no limits in leaving the fruits unsliced so score as much as you can. And once game is over you can submit your score to the online boards and let your other fellow mates know about it. You can download this amazing Game from the following official download link given below

Download Fruit Slice Android Game for Awesome Fun

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