Backup, Store, Share with Wuala – Secure Cloud DropBox Alternative

As cloud Services are getting popular day by day, after it is the best way to backup, share and synchronize the files. No doubt, that Dropbox is a great way to backup and stores your files on the cloud. And using this none has though for a Dropbox Alternative; but Wuala is a good alternative when compared to Dropbox. Wuala is a Linux user friendly secure Dropbox Alternative. This Swiss-based Service has already millions of files being actively saved, stored and accessed by thousands of users.

Wuala has Cross-Platform client support with extended Privacy and sharing options. You get 1GB of Cloud Space for free but you can users can get more space by inviting other users. Like Dropbox you can always refer Wuala to your friends and gain free space up to 3GB. Wuala is a secure online storage solution similar to Dropbox or SpiderOak which comes with a cross-platform client and runs on Linux, Windows and Mac OSX.

Features of Wuala – Dropbox Alternative

Wuala Cloud DropBox Alternative to Secure Backup Store Share

  • Data gets Encrypted on your computer
  • Cross-Platform
  • Share files/folders with your friends
  • Collaboration (You can create a Private Group, invite people and everyone can work together, add files, etc.)
And users can also launch the Application via its website, without installing Wuala client, useful when using a Public System. Wuala encrypts the data on your computer so no one can see your private data, not even Wuala employees, if you care about security then, this will help you out. This facility is lacking in Dropbox which make it a better Dropbox Alternative.

Uploading and Downloading Speed

Well can’t comment on Uploading, but Downloading speed is much better than Dropbox, reason is each file you upload to Wuala Server, it has five similar copies of it, so Wuala downloads file from five differtent locations simultaneously and thus better speed for downloading. The same technique is utilized by the download managers.


If you and a group of friends are working on a document (Provided, all have Wuala installed on their machine) then with Wuala Collaboration feature you can edit the file and thus appear the same changes in your friend’s computer (similar to Google Docs). Your friends get notified about the changes made through comments.


Like Dropbox, Wuala supports many devices including Android, iOS, Windows, Linux and Mac. Many have migrated from Dropbox to Wuala, will you? Opinion is yours.

Wuala Cloud DropBox Alternative to Secure Backup Store Share 

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