Battle War Gaming with Gold Finger all Stars for iPhone and iPad

Be the ultimate all stars through this game, amaze and terrorize your followers with godly powers and wonders that they can create. Try sending flowers leaping through heaven in the jump mode. Gain and collect flower stats to gain minions attention and following.

If you are an existing Gold finger all stars player, you do not need to worry as your old data will be transferred to the new game when you log into it next time. You can turn your followers into stars. You can collect them to gain popularity with your followers and gain levels this way.

Free Download Gold Finger all Stars Game for iPhone and iPad

  • It comes with turbo charged match 3 puzzle game plays for the new players as well as the old timers.
  • Game is packed with battles and wars against the thieves and the forest bandits. It is sure to keep you occupied and entertain you all the while you are playing the game.
  • All previous bugs have been fixed and other improvements have been made which are going to improve the game play.
  • Previous crashes have been fixed and hence gaming experience is improved.
  • Ad viewing time has been decreased so that you can play the game without much glitch which makes it easier and much more fun than before.

This is an extremely new game and only the LITE version is available in the market now, but you could sign up right now and get the free features associated with the game and even enjoy the new product on offer. The animation of the game is very smooth and the graphics is of the top quality, it comes together as an overall great package complete with nice music and the juke box needs special mention.

It lifts up the mood of the game to a large extent. It has been the most sought after Norm’s world game for the iPhone and now it is back in the arena, to rule again, with the iPad. It is compatible with iPad and requires iOS 3 .2 or higher versions. You can download the game for free from

Free Download Gold Finger all Stars Game for iPhone and iPad

It is the authentic site for downloading the game and you will also get he supports in case you need aftermarket help. You could also download different other games from this website and it is the official site for games download and there are no chances of duplicity or fraud.

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