Best 5 Racing Games for Android

Have the need for speed? And do not wish to shell out cash for it? We totally get it-why pay for games, when those available free are good enough! Car racing games have always appealed to the adrenaline junkie in every one of us. So, we have complied below a list of 5 free (barring the in app purchases options), fun and white-knuckled racing games available on the android market. These freemium racing games are addictive and can offer a little something for everyone. So pull on up to the starting line and we assure you won’t regret any of installing these.

1. Real Racing 3

All you gearheads are sure to be entertained with these real world cars on real world tracks. The interesting asynchronous multiplayer system records lap timing of your friends and you could even race against players playing at that time. The single player game mode too is worth playing. As you continue in the game, you stand chances to win upgrades on your car and even newer cars with each win. But do not miss to ensure your car is in good condition all the time to avoid any repair costs coming your way. This gorgeous white-knuckled racing game is addictive.

2. Motoheroz

This side-scrolling game is a puzzler and racer in equal parts. The hidden objectives in stages make it interesting and the ghost buggy ensures you are heading on the right track. Special jetpacks and springs ease the play goal. You need to figure where to head, how to keep enough momentum to get there and ensure not tipping over, along with cracking other tense moments. Puzzle, panic and racing- Motoheroz has it all!

3. Forever Drive

This game is all about tapping and tilting all the way towards endless user created paths till the time runs out. You get extra time and bonus points for hitting checkpoints. You could save points by avoiding hitting the walls or traffic. Players could even get access to level up, license plates and newer cars. There is scope of fast tracking things by going in for in-app purchases. What’s more is that, you could build and submit your own courses to be shared with the wide user base. Forever Drive ranks elevated on style and imagination.

Top 5 Racing Games for Android

4. Asphalt 8: Airborne

The current favorite, this game skips all pretensions of realism and is a sensational, high-octane game. You have option of working your way through or paying for newer rides, career mode, upgrade the model you have and competing online. Apart from the usual race modes, there is a new ‘Infected’ one where players could tag fellow players before surrendering to an explosive virus. The amazing graphics and outstanding soundtrack makes Asphalt 8 an awesome experience.

5. Beach Buggy Blitz

Beach Buggy Blitz is an easy going racing game requiring players to cruise along a beach coast and hitting checkpoints before the time runs out. The more coins you can collect on the way, the easily you could get a buggy upgrade. Drive along and avoid hurdles like fellow racers, animals, huts etc while you enjoy the amazing graphics for water/dust/lighting. Beach Buggy Blitz is perfect for a light and kid-friendly gaming experience.

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