Best 5 Suitable Apps to Use in Windows 8 PC

Keeping the features and updates in windows 8, there are few apps which suits them the best. The trend is changing to the mobile usage more than PC’s and we can’t ignore the usage of cloud too. Because we don’t have much space in mobile, the best alternative visible is to use cloud. If you are a windows 8 user, then you should definitely try the following apps as they are extremely compatible and easy to use in windows 8.

1. Remote Desktop

This app allows you to access the full window desktop on the Windows RT version of a tablet with ease and friendly touch. You can also use the remote desktop app to connect to use a Remote Desktop Gateway to access desktop without setting up VPN’s. Download this

2. Onenote MX

This app is for windows 8 tablets. Tablets are known for taking down notes efficiently during conference and meeting. Therefore, Onenote MX is the right app for it. It takes in the information and can also organize the information and data in a descriptive manner. There is an option called “Quick Notes” which if used will start taking notes immediately. Therefore, it is very touch friendly note taking and organizer app. Download this

3. SkyDrive

SkyDrive is a cloud storage application and is sharing its service with the windows 8 OS. This is a standardized app that can integrate with apps like Onenote and other corporate associated apps.  To use SkyDrive, you have to install the SkyDrive app in your tablet or smart phone.

You can store any type of files in the storage let it be an image or files. It is very easy to use, you just have to click or touch the add button to upload from your device. Download this

4. Box

Box is another app with cloud storage and sharing facilities.  It consists of some sophisticated features that include the ability for multiple people to leave comments on files and the option to pin live tiles to the Start screen and you also have facility to the updates of the files from others. You have tools to perform copy, paste and delete multiple numbers of files and folder at one stretch. Download this

Best 5 Handy & Suitable Apps to Use in Windows 8 PC

5. PC Monitor

PC monitor allows you to handle up to 3 monitors at the same time and all completely free. You will have to install the software on the PCs and you will be able to monitor all the PCs on the device with windows 8. This way you will be able to be track the status of all the monitors and will be able to start or stop process, run scheduled task, view information etc. Download this

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