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Love to play in the fantasy world, where the dragons and other such fantastic as well as gigantic creatures are there and you have to fight off a battle which has got a political hint in it, then the Dragon Age 2 is the best that you can have in the market for fulfilling your desire.

The game is the sequel of the hit as well as very much popular game Dragon Age: Origins. The sequel of the game is not as much fascinating as the last version of the game. The game is played by the player who takes up the role of the protagonist, where the payer has to face various dangers to level up and reach his goal.

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But there is a few faults in the whole game which leads them to the ultimate downfall of the game from where the first part belonged. The Dragon Age 2 does have got those things fixed up by the game producers which were not even broken down, and thus made the game more of a complicated and sometimes boring one from the first part.

The story of the game has also gone down in the men time and thus resulting in to the unpopularity of the game among the players who have played the first part of it. But for those who are playing this game for the first time and also haven’t played the one which was released earlier, then this game is the best that hey could imagine to have played.

But here are a few of those advantages of the game too, over the first part. Let’s see what they are

  • The most disappointing thing about the game is found in the very beginning of the game itself. Unlike the previous version of the game the player is unable to create his own character and is forced to choose from the human race only as well as has to select from the three available modes, the warrior, mage or rogue.
  • The game starts from where the first part of it ends up and leads up to the political changes that the world is facing today, though through symbolic approach to the total event.
  • The game develops and testifies the player to face various difficulties where he has to choose and decide on some of the toughest situations.

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