Best IPL Apps to Watch IPL 5 on Mobile iOS devices

IPL 5 is going to start from today with all of your favorite teams participating into IPL this season for all the Live T20 action. While if you are looking forward to watch IPL Apps then you can do so with your iOS device on your iPhone and iPad Phone. Below is the link to watch Live Stream.

1. IPL 5

IPL5 will show you all of the upcoming IPL 2012 tournament venue and matches list. it works fine even if you are offline and will provide you all the information about the IPL matches.

Features include:

  • Unique design & Easy to use interface
  • Offline access to the match schedules
  • View schedule by filtering your favourite team
There is also a premium version which has some additional features:

IPL iPhone and iPad Apps to Watch IPL 5 on Mobile iOS device

  • No Ads
  • Players/Squads details of each team (available in offline mode)
  • Points table for IPL 2012 (available in offline mode)
  • Offline access to the match schedules
  • View schedule by filtering your favorite team
  • News & Latest updates from IPL 2012
  • Unique design & Easy to use interface
  • Match timings as per local timezone

Download Link (Free), Download Link (Premium)

2. IPL 2012

IPL2012 will give you a list of all the IPL matches this year. It will also provides you with complete list of matches and venue details of daily matches. You can also choose to get daily updates from your device. However, this apps also adds a new Push Notification which will help you know about the next updates of matches and scores in IPL.

Download Link

3. IPL Cricket

This is very cool apps which will gives you all the fixtures of all teams along with the timing and venue details at which the matches will start. Also it brings you the most beautiful gallery of pictures and wallpapers to showcase your favorite IPL player.

Download Link

4. IPL Dugout

This is very detailed application for IPL which will give you all of the score update, Schedule and Fixture and Venue of all matches. It will also display the result of previous IPL cricket tournaments along with bringing you the best and latest IPL news. It is all set to give you the venue details and the matches list along with that it also gives you the best location to roam in the city so that you can enjoy the action of IPL and also roam through out the city as well.

Download Link

5. IPL T20

This app brings you all of the live action which includes News, Features, Interviews, Virtual Replay, Live Scores, Fixtures, Team and player information along with all the statistics of the complete tournament so that you can also judge who is going to win the tournament.

Download Link

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