Boost Mobile Memory with MemoryUp Pro(Mobile RAM Booster)

Have u got tired of seeing ur mobile getting slow down and crash often. This problem happens because more number unused resources are left behind in mobile RAM. MemoryUP pro is one of the software tool for mobile phones to boost RAM, monitor RAM and recover RAM from unused resources that are saved as a junk in RAM.

MemoryUp pro is specially designed to handle memory leaks and prevent mobile phones from crashing. It can be opened and asked to work on background to boost RAM of mobile phones.

Free Download Boost MemoryUp Pro(Mobile RAM Booster)

Key Features of MemoryUp Pro

1.Multiple platforms 

  • MemoryUp pro designed to run on various platforms including Android,Symbian,Java and Blackberry based mobile phones.
  • Before downloading user has to specify platform which they want MemoryUp pro has to run.

2. Auto Boost 

  • What if each and every time user has to give memry boost manually it gives more disturbance to users.
  • AutoBoost option enables user to specify timeout value,after that timeout period expires every time MemoryUp pro boosts automatically mobile phones’s memory.

3. Basic and Advanced settings

  • Basic setting contains language,log record length,times to retry boost,Auto-Boost Interval,warn if RAM under,recover RAM if under,startup boost option and system crash protection.
  • Advanced setting consists of option like force system to use large cache,prohibit disk swapping,allocate critical threads,remove unused thread,disable timestamps and auto-boost when system’s idle.

4. Startup Boost 

  • Startup boost feature allows to boost memory ofurphone’s memory while opening of MemoryUp pro.
  • After open,initialize MemoryUp pro presents mamin screen with monitor of mobile phones main memory(RAM). It provides total RAM capacity, how much in use and free percentage.

5. Display Memory 

  • MemoryUp pro presents at home screen monitor of main memory.It also provides display of main memory after quick boost.
  • MemoryUp pro just opened shows memory percentage in use and does slow boost process automatically.

6. System Info 

  • MemoryUp pro gives knowledge to user of phones settings and configuration.
  • It presents details like platform info Java extension/symbian extension/Android/Blackberry,RAM capacity,locale info and system encoding.

7. Logs

  • MemoryUp pro keeps track of boost records with date,time and amount memory space recovered from RAM.
  • By specifying option user can select how many records can be saved.

8. Quick Boost 

  • Quick Boost offers user to do quick boost of  RAM rather than running in background neither slow boost.
  • Quick Boost process are of connect to RAM,checking RAM,defragmenting RAM,reallocate RAM and recover RAM.

Requirements of MemoryUp Pro

  • Mobile operating system designed/coded on Symbian,Java,Black berry and manymore.
  • Allow network access

You can download this tool at

Free Download Boost MemoryUp Pro(Mobile RAM Booster)

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