Brain Exercise Gaming with Mahjong for Windows CE

First, a small bit of description about the Windows CE. It is clear that this is also an operating system or OS that is developed by the Microsoft Corp. for the users. This one varies a lot from the other OS that are there in the market for the use of the people out there.

This one is released specifically for those embedded systems like the pocket PCs as well as those Windows mobiles, where the system developers could also make a few changes to the whole thing that is present in the embedded systems so that they could support and handle the things that are to be installed in these systems.

Brain Exercise Gaming Mahjong for Windows CE Free Download

Thus this is a more compact version of the desktops windows that are used all over the world. Now about the game, the game mahjong has been preferred by the gamers of the world as one of the best known board games. The game is played by players from all over the world, and the game has proved its worth by becoming the huge success for the company and the developers as well.

Released long back, the game is still updated by the company as the demands are still there for the game. Though the game is not at all free, and the gamer has to pay a good sum for getting the game for his or her device, they are ready to pa the sum for this awesome game that they have got with them.

The device that is using the game in itself can not transfer the game to the other devices and the game thus remains with the single player only. Again the game has got the multiplayer version available in the recent updates that has been published over the website of the developers.

About the technicalities of the game, the game has got the graphics of high definition, where the player can enjoy every bit of the screen which shoots of the high quality graphics.

Moreover, the game has got those sound effects which relax the mind rather than taking a plunge in to the adrenaline rush. The game is loved by the players for its ability to make use of the time that you are alone and with out work. So this game can be a good stress buster as well.

There is nothing to get excited about, but rather this is the one with which you are surely gong to get addicted with. Download and play from

Brain Exercise Gaming Mahjong for Windows CE Free Download

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