Browser Internet with Opera Browser for Windows PC and Mac

As we all know a Browser is nothing but a mean to Access Web contents. Various types of Web Pages are distributed all over the Internet. In order to view them with better Features and better looks from others Browser formats them accordingly to make it view for the users.

Such Browsers provide various Features and Tools that are user friendly to the users. Out of many Browser Opera is the one with better page viewing and Browsing speed.

Free Download Internet Opera Web Browser for Windows XP, Vista and Mac

Opera Browser System Requirements:

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7
  • Ram: 512 MB and higher versions
  • Processor: Pentium 4 and later on Processor Models
  • Space Required: 90 Megabytes of free Disk Space on your Hard Drive
You can also download the Mobile Version of Opera at

Browser Internet with Opera Mini Browser Application for Mobiles

Opera Features

1. Page Display and View

Millions of web sites exist on web. They like to amaze users with advanced Design Techniques. To keep visual appeal intact, the Browser have tweaked their graphics rendering engines. Plug-ins like Flash, Silverlight etc, which although unsafe are necessary to play Videos and Animations. Opera has forged several innovations in the User Interface. The latest version has a Tab Bar that can now be resized.

2. Intellectual Functions

The largest scope of functions is offered by Opera as before: Mouse-Control, Password Manager, Integrated Mail- the competition cannot keep up there. For users with slower Internet connections, Opera Turbo could also be interesting. Here, the browser refers to data through a proxy server, which compresses large elements like pictures to a great extent and thus allows Fast Surfing.

3. Security

The easiest and most common way for Malware to enter a system is through the Browser. Security leaks make it easy for Hackers—especially if you are surfing with an Old Version. The world rule is that the more popular the browser, the more it is targeted by hackers. For the new versions of Opera on the other hand, no leaks were known.

4. Privacy Issues

Keeping track of your own traces including Cookies, Search entries and Website History is important. Here, the most convincing Browser is Opera, which offers many options to define how these are handled. You can delete data from the last 1, 2, or 4 hours and even the past day. Opera also has the most refined Privacy Mode, in which the browser does not save any surfing traces

5. Speed and Performance

The new Rendering Engine Performs Faster Surfing. The Test is clear: Opera is the Fastest. It achieves Better Results in all tests than the  competition. The differences are mainly with respect to Web Applications such as Google Maps: the modern Browsers load map sections speedily while other Browsers clearly struggles in these aspects.

You can download this Web browser at

Free Download Internet Opera Web Browser for Windows XP, Vista and Mac

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