Browser Internet with Opera Mini Browser Application for Mobiles

In case of Mobile Phone users when it comes to Browsing many Options are Available. In which a Mobile Phone’s Integrated Browser may also be used for Browsing. But the young generations don’t want to waste a single minute of time in Browsing and Downloading.

Even if it takes a few minutes to load a page over the Browser people used to get panic. They just want the page to be Loaded within seconds just by the touch of the button. Well to provide a better Browsing and Downloading Speed Opera Mini Browser meets all the needs of the users. It is fully Featured and provides numerous Tools and other Optimizing options. Let us see them in details.

Free Download Opera Mini Browser Application for Mobiles


  • A decent Mobile Phone.
  • GPRS connection Modeled Phone.


  • Opera Mini is the most widely used Browser among the various users all around the World.
  • It provides Multi Tab function which creates a new Tab Window within the Browser screen so that the user can experience Multi Tasking.
  • With Multi Tabbed functions user can operate in Dual Mode in one Tab it can BroWse something else and at the same time he can Download some data over the other.
  • Which turns out to be the most Striking Feature.
  • It also has a Bookmark function.
  • If a user wants to a page to be remembered then he can just Bookmark it. And Load whenever he starts the Browser next time.
  • It has a Browsing Setting in which he can choose the port for Browsing which enable the user for Faster Browsing. The two ports are socket and HTTP.
  • If a user wants to share a page over the Facebook or Twitter he can very easily can perform this action. All he has to do is go to the page menu and select share mode.
  • Saving a page is one other option which enables the user to save a page and he/she can view the page even Offline when there is no Packet Data Available.
  • The Settings include web page Setting in which user can choose image quality loading options such as Low or High
  • Appearance options such as Visual Effects, Landscape Mode, Full Screen Mode, Mobile View, Start Page Links etc.
  • It can clear the Cookies as well
  • Various types of Skins are also Available for the user needs.

You can also download the PC or Computer Version of Opera at

Browser Internet with Opera Browser for Windows PC and Mac

You can download this powerful Mobile Application from the official download link

Free Download Opera Mini Browser Application for Mobiles

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