Buying and Selling Products made easy with

If you might not have heard about one of the most awesome online classified website –, which is basically an internet company located in New York city and Buenos Aires, Argentina. One of the main purpose of OLX is that they allow to host free and user generated content on variety of their topics for people around the globe to buy or even sell.

This website started off in the year 2006 in India, which now has global reach all around the world, growing drastically. One of the best advantage of this site is that its pretty simple, but yet fast and effective along with providing best solutions to all of its users.

We everyone read newspaper in our home, office and on roads. On that, we usually find a specific column called advertising, where various ads are been listed out on wide variety of category and topics. Now if you are looking forward for anything, then you will obviously checkout the list, the same thing is done by too. Below is a screenshot of how their listing looks like

How to Buy and Sell Products Online with

Buying and Selling Products made easy with

There has been various services which are bee provided by them which includes

  • Rich ads designed with images and videos.
  • You can control your selling, buying activities.
  • Allow you to connect to social media to display ads.
  • Allow you to access all content in mobile in your own local language.

While one of the most interesting thing is that they have also released out various TV commercials to reach out to all the audience, starting from a campaign called “Bech de”. You can also watch out the commercial below.

Not just this, OLX has even now started off well in Africe as well with more potential to grow with massive user base. We also liked the “Treadmill” ad campaign, which was targetted to the middle aged people. This is one of the best way to show how effectively you can also use this classified website to sell or buy anything.

Lastly, one of the best thing about this site is that all of the services are absolutely free of cost, which means that you don’t have to pay even a single penny to host your content or to sell your products. Along with this, they also do the marketing which is an addon advantage for us since they have more subscribers and visitors viewing each ad/content.

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