Caffeinated – Beautiful Google Reader on Mac

Caffeinated is also a Mac reader provided by Geeky Goodness. This app is termed as best Google Reader apps for Mac. Just like any other app, this app also provides you with the instant updates which you can access on desktop without web, ipad, iphone etc. People who are addicted to Google reader can blindly opt for this app.

The tagline of this app strongly proves the app (tag line- Beautifying Google Reader on Mac). This app is synchronized with Google Reader. To mention the powerful factor of this app is its search engine.

Features of Caffeinated

Caffeinated Beautiful Google Reader on Mac OS X Technologies

  • It provides you instant updates
  • It has plug-in architecture for developers
  • It contains multiple customization shortcuts
  • It contains Basic click for flash, basic “resume”, start off where you left off
  • It also finds and subscribe to feeds
  • It provides effective searching and sharing option
  • You can also personalize the tool using tailoring tools

This app also supports social networking like facebook, twitter etc. you can also share your content to all these sites with just few clicks. You can also tag the articles with tags like “read it later” and “instapaper” and fetch them whenever required.

As I said before searching is the powerful factor as it performs the search at high speed. The search is performed widely and quickly. It has the capacity to search through the data within milliseconds. Using tailoring tool you can customize the fonts, size, line height and even column count on each individual theme. New themes are constantly added by active developers. It also provides you with wide range of preference that can be customized to suit your needs. You also have a slick option which provides you the control to record and customize your own keyboard shortcuts.

It becomes very easy to know with the features that this app will definitely not be available for free. But you get a free trail pack for 15 days. It is available at $9 in the stores.

If you have been using other Google Reader app, then you will already feel familiar with this app. The main screen has a very familiar structure: the most left column with the list of subscription, the middle column with the news items, and on the right the news item view.

To summarize about this app, it is an elegant and simple interface to work on with mind blogging searching ability and robust customization and sharing options. You can download the trail version at

Caffeinated Beautiful Google Reader on Mac OS X Technologies

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