CDG Plug-In – Play karaoke Song files in Winamp

Are you a singer or want to improve your singing? Turn off your bathroom singing and try correlating with the karaoke of your favorite songs, who knows you might take the place of biggest superstar of the town!! Winamp allows you to store and play CDG karaoke songs, hence your daily Player will promote your singing too.

It Plays CDG files Synchronized with MP3 or other supported formats by Winamp. You will just have to save the CDG file in the same folder as the music file, and a window will open up that displays the information. This Windows Tools provides features which are Scrolling, Palette Cycling, Channels and a lot more. You also have a context menu, Predefined zoom and full screen mode. This karaoke software also provides option for the user to customize the software based on their needs. It has a seamless integration with winamp hence providing the Instant access of any part of song/lyrics with the jump bar of Winamp.

CDG Plug-In Play karaoke Software Song files in Winamp

Along with all these features, Winamp features are also a part of this Software. It is also compatible with existent Plug-in for Winamp. This karaoke Software and your Winamp together can be termed as a fully-fledged karaoke bar. Now you have CDG files which have audio with lyrics, what you need now is a specific codec or plug-in for proper Playback with your Media Player.

You will have to Plug-in CDG to view the lyrics of the Song which is Sync with audio track. If this plug-in is not connected the n you will be able to hear the songs but lyrics will not be displayed on screen.

To Play zipped CDG files in Winamp

Download the karaoke software and then click on the open or run button in the internet security dialog box which displays during the installation process of your Winamp Media Player. Open the CDG files folder and drag that into Winamp Media Player. Now you can play the CDG files by double clicking on it. One of the drawback of this software is – it takes a bit of time to unzip hundreds or thousand of Songs.

Therefore this is one of the best window tools Applications which allow your songs to run in karaoke format. The best part of this karaoke software is that you get this application with plenty future with out paying a single penny. Download this at

CDG Plug-In Play karaoke Software Song files in Winamp

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