CDW Data Storage Management and Virtualization Solutions

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Data Storage is one of the most important areas of concern for most organizations, both small and large. The most important aspect is how effective and efficient a business can store the data so that it can be retrieved anytime without any hindrance.

Although you may have only recently heard of Cloud Computing, it’s not quit as new as you might think. Today, many users are actually finding data storage to be much more useful for their organization.

Small businesses are witness to the latest boom in technology, where more and more data storage is used for variety of purposes everyday. Because one of the best aspects of Cloud storage is that there is no need to worry about Hardware problems, we are seeing less and less hands on data management.

Reduce Your IT Data Storage Requirements by 20-40%

CDW is a company that provides technology solutions for business, government, education and healthcare. They specialize in data storage management and virtualization solutions techniques. CDW offers a wide variety of services to companies to choose from and, in turn, save the cost of hiring professional to handle physical servers and hardware.

CDW also offers other solutions like:

Storage Area Networks

This is one of the best services as the architecture is designed in such a way that it attached the remote computer to the servers so that it will be appearing as locally attached to the OS. There are lot of companies who have already into this services, and are finding a better and efficient way to store information, thus leading to high performance in retrieving data.

Blade Servers

This is one of the services that is most useful when it comes to space. A Blade server usually provides the processing power for the traditional servers that would in turn share the power, cooling, connectivity, and management of each server.

Storage Management Software

It provides efficient software that would manage all your data and its storage centrally. The software will also enable you to give you better options while storing multiple data by automating data storage and availability across its entire network.

Archiving Software

Data Archiving Software is very useful because it provides excellent movement of data across various tiers of storage. It can also delete the file when it’s not required or at the end of its retention period. Additionally, it also provides a single instance of the stored file, which frees the disk space and consumes less processing power.

Data De-duplication

Data Duplication occurs everywhere in the world. And this is why CDW also offers a process that is specially meant with data compression techniques, which will eliminate duplicate or repeating data, which would in turn improve storage utilization.

Data Storage Virtualization

This is an awesome technique that actually utilizes multiple data storage components and makes them to be visible as only single data storage. This is one of the most widely used in conjunction with the SANs.

Thus storing data effectively with the help of these management solutions can change the company’s IT environment, in turn providing more flexibility in faster retrieval of data.

While if you are in market, where you need assistance with regards to building a storage management and virtualization environment, then CDW is the right choice for you. You might not know, but CDW is into IT business since 1984, and has been serving numerous clients till now over the years. CDW is currently offering a limited time of their Red Report which provides you an exclusve insights on they are the best in managing your data.

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