Centralize, Share & Edit Documents and Files with Joukuu Storage

Nowadays, People are using cloud computing in order to use free disk space, platform and infrastructure. If you are up-to-date then you will already have a list of companies offering cloud services, types of services and their names. Point comes when you are using various services for various reasons. You might get confused on which service you using for which data /image /file. Joukuu is an App which provides you a mean to handle this problem.

This App acts as a centralized place which stores all the cloud details and is used for managing all the subscribed cloud services. Imagine, you are managing more than 2 services individually!! It becomes a tedious task. Hence the solution is within this Jokuu App. Jokuu brings us an interface which handles are DropboxBox.netGoogle Docs services.

Features of this App

Centralize, Share & Edit Documents and Files with Joukuu Storage

  • It supports multiple account
  • You can search various files across different accounts
  • You can collaborate with other people
  • It is easy to use
  • You can share files safely

You can use the services of this app using free version and paid version. The free version support one account only,  so if you have multiple accounts on same cloud service say Dropbox then you will not be able to sync content to both accounts. On the other hand, the paid version supports unlimited accounts.

Other features of this app are it is lightweight file manager and clean interface. It is also very easy to set up. But it is not very well documented, beta software also has problems with 64-bit systems. It is very slow when it comes to populate the list, the interface can also use some retooling to make features obvious.

To use this app, you need to sign up into the website and till date it is window only product, therefore you can access this app only from a window running desktop (For Mac users, they are also up to bringing Mac OS product). Security of this app is not 100% clear because the product is in beta version.

Using this app, you can delete and rename files or upload new ones and share them with others. Other than that, the program adds a new item in the Windows context menu, enabling you to backup any file or folder much easier. You can create your account at

Centralize, Share & Edit Documents and Files with Joukuu Storage

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