Chatwing – Improve Blogs’ Online Presence with User Engagement

In the cyberspace, there are many ways for a blogger to improve the online presence of his blog. Commonly, bloggers promote their blogs to social media and other famous chatrooms. Other than that, some bloggers still rely on word-of-mouth marketing and further blog commenting. To attain online presence, the blogger must know how to put interesting and informational content in his blog. Aside from that, the blogger can also use the communication potential of chat boxes. Chatwing—an advanced yet free shout box—is an example of a viable application that can help a blogger gain the online presence he needs.

Chatwing may appear as a simple web application for everyone. It has basic chat capabilities and a relaxing purple theme that can entice a lot of users. However, Chatwing is more than that. This chat tool has an in-depth approach when it comes to connecting with users. This approach can be utilized by a blogger in many ways possible.

Chatwing - Improve Blogs’ Online Presence with User Engagement

First, a blogger can use the shoutbox to gather comments and suggestions from his blog visitors. Second, the shoutbox serves as a way to relay the updates and developments of the blog. Through proper website chat, the blog will generate visibility in the long run.

Chatwing also utilizes the power of social media. Now, users can log in with their Facebook or Twitter accounts. This feature allows them to exchange profile information with users across the chatroom. Simply put, a regular user has the potential to expand his social network just by connecting to other strangers in the chat box. Additionally, users can access a wide array of emoticons and avatar displays. This spices up any conversation or discussion.

The latest version can also accommodate 600 chatters in real time. This raises the communication potential by a great percentage. Also, the blogger can save time in terms of chat box installation. The average installation time of a chat box takes only few seconds. After that, the widget can go live and the blogger can start chatting right away. This Application is compatible to most blogs and websites that allow custom design.

Chatwing – Improve Blogs’ Online Presence with User Engagement

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