Connect Online Services with Primadesk Cloud Storage App

It is very obvious that many people use different cloud services, there can be difficulty in finding and segregating the files and other content from these services. There exists many app which helps you to get engage in all the variety of services in a single interface. Therefore reducing your difficulty in handling these services. One among those apps is Primadesk.

Primadesk is an app which brings strength to you by providing you the facility to search, manage and back up online accounts with just one interface. Primadesk contains many features, it not only helps you to handle cloud services but also helps you to access the mail accounts like Gmail, yahoo, Flickr, hotmail etc. The cloud services which they support are Dropbox,, SugarSync, Google Docs services.

Advantages of Primadesk

Connect Online Services with Primadesk Cloud Storage App

  • Manages all your content
  • Finds your personal cloud content from Google, Facebook, Flickr etc
  • You can also back up your cloud data at the directory or album level or the entire account
  • Provides variety of security levels
  • It has the ability to drag and drop content from one service to another directly using this app
  • You can also launch data, file or image into various services at the same time
  • You can perform search which provides results from all the services engaged into the app

It consists of a unified inbox which collects all the mails from various mail services and shows you altogether. You can also collect mails from multiple account of Gmail, yahoo or hotmail too.

Apart from these abilities, primadesk automatically backs up previous states of cloud content onto your hard drive. In this case if you change or delete something, then you will always have a back up in your hard disk to re-gain it. As I said before it accumulates all the mails together, you can not only see those mails but can also send, reply, reply all, forward, and so on–from any of your accounts.

When it comes to cons in this app, it cannot add metadata to the content. Hence you may be able to upload pictures in facebook, but will not be able to tag them.

This cloud app is available for free version and paid version. The free Version provides search and manage capabilities across any five service providers. The paid version can be used to use certain advanced features and capabilities. You can access this at

Connect Online Services with Primadesk Cloud Storage App

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