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Image editors are software tools to edit and convert images. Among many of imaged editors GIMP imaged editor is unique for its multiple platform support and it is open source.

GIMP imaged editor has capability that no other imaged editing software don’t have. GIMP abbreviated from GNU Image Manipulation Program. GIMP imaged editor can be used as simple paint software or expert software for photo retouch, imaged composition and image authoring and image format converter etc.

Free Download Logo with GIMP Image Editor Photoshop Alternative

GIMP image editor is often compared to Adobe Photoshop for its performance comparison. It can be also called as free Photoshop.

Features of GIMP Image Editor

1. Open Source and Multiple Platforms

  • GIMP image editor is open source so that coding of it can be seen by user. GIMP image editor community developed software so that user can interface with new layers.
  • Thus GIMP image editor is open source and originally developed for Ubuntu OS it offers to support all modern day platforms widely used.

2. Plug-ins support

  • GIMP image editor can be easily customized by downloading corresponding plug-ins and get extended.
  • Plug-ins support for GIMP image editor has been hundreds of them available in GIMP Plug-in Registry.

3. Advanced Scripting Interface

  • Scripting interface is the feature lack in many other image editors, but GIMP image editor has advanced script interface
  • Thus advanced scripting interface makes it do from simple
  • Modification to high image processing easily

4. File formats support

  • GIMP image editor supports file formats of hundreds.
  • It supports much number of file formats to display and to export from several devices or software products.

5. Advanced tools

  • This feature what makes GIMP image editor effective. Advanced tools offers layers and masks, filters and effects, tabbed palettes and many more.
  • It also provides 32 bit color support; dynamic brushes and free select tools allow many operations to be performed on images.

6. Hardware support

  • GIMP able to access, display and export images taken from devices like scanner and cameras.
  • It supports most of the devices commonly used in current trend. It even supports

7. Frequent Updation

  • Although GIMP is best, still then advanced version are frequently released in web with many improved features and fixed bugs from previous versions

System requirements:

  • Operating system: Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows 7, GNU/Linux (i386, PPC), MAC OS X, Sun OpenSolaris, FreeBSD
  • Ram: 1GB recommended
  • Disk space: Free disk space of 25 MB for installation
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Free Download Logo with GIMP Image Editor Photoshop Alternative

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