Cut the Rope: Experiments Game for iPhone/iPad

Have you played the previous version of the same game? Then its must be intriguing you as have this one exceeded the expectation of the gaming? Or has it gone down from the original one? These questions disturb the players most. But again this game is all about the same old monster with a weird appetite fro the sweets and candies as well as other such foods.

The game involves those elements in the features of it that are present in the previous version. But the Rope Cutter: Experiments involve the Om Nom who has been found outside the house of the house of a scientist who captures him and takes him through a long series of experiments to know the reason behind this weird appetite for sweets. There are the same old rope cutting techniques involved in this game.

Cut the Rope: Experiments Game for iPhone/iPad Apps

But the questions which arise in the minds of the game lovers and especially who played the previous version is that, the game doesn’t involve any such explanation as how did Om Nom went in front of the house of the scientist as well as how did he capture him without any such joyous expression or any such description on part of the scientist. Want to know more about the game? Then here we are to present you with every possible details of the game in the next few lines.

The whole process involves 75 new sets of experiments with the Om Nom by the scientist whose results will depict the mystery behind the creature as well as his appetite for those foods.

There is this photo album of the mad scientist who is busy experimenting on the monster Om Nom which in turn has become a huge success on behalf of the company who produced the game. The gamer have put their personal pictures over the album of the scientists. The scientist has been experimenting over the monster for so much time that the player never gets the end of the game.

The sound tracks are all new in this game, with the producers providing various new tunes as well as tracks to the game, which has turned out to be another success in the last few months. The gamers are availing the game with high expectations and they are satisfied in every aspect.

So, go on to but the game and have a nice time with the mad and the monster. Buy or download it from

Cut the Rope: Experiments Game for iPhone/iPad Apps

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