Dark, Midori and Superbar Windows 8 Themes Collection

Microsoft Windows 7 came out with many changes, but if you are still with Microsoft Windows 7 then you are lagging with technology updates, you must actually be now with the next release by Microsoft “Windows 8”. Well, no doubts that Windows 8 will lag behind in its new features over windows 7. Hence Microsoft was again successful in impressing its lovers.

If you are still with Windows 7 then drop soon and snatch windows 8 soon!! It has the capability to run on Atom Processors and have ARM Cortex chipsets, it also has USB 3.0 as a standard for new machines with Windows 8 pre-installed. Hence it will support the read-write process with 5Gbps instead of 480Mbps.

There are many more reasons to opt for Windows 8, users of Windows 8 should also be thankful to Windows themes to provide as beautiful themes as it released for Windows 7. The collection of themes has a huge list but I m going to list out 3 best themes for Your OS.

1. Windows 8 dark theme

This dark theme basically has wallpaper with a ‘Windows 8’ written on it with a small caption saying ‘cloud experience’. It is named as dark theme because its wallpaper have black as its base.

Dark, Midori and Superbar Windows 8 Themes Free Download

This theme can work well with show-off party people, who prefers showing off for their touch with the latest trends. Well, what’s wrong in it, Microsoft updates are worth showing off for!! Click here to get this theme Dark theme

2. Windows 8 Midori theme

Midori and windows are totally inter-related as it is said midori will replace windows soon, but that day is yet to come!! Never-mind if it is midori or windows until unless it is Microsoft product.

Dark, Midori and Superbar Windows 8 Themes Free Download

Yeah, these names are coming together as the features in windows are nothing-less to impress people to name it as midori. Hence this window theme is named as ‘Windows 8 Midori’ and these words occupy the center part of your wallpaper in this theme. Click here to get this theme Midori theme

3. Windows 8 Superbar theme

Superbar theme, as the name says has a super-bar which is transparent, hence giving a very sexy look to your desktop. Therefore, the identity of this theme is its taskbar, the size of the taskbar is twice the actual size.

Dark, Midori and Superbar Windows 8 Themes Free Download

Any of the above given Windows theme and superbar will give your PC a standard look.  Click here to get this theme superbar theme

Note: These themes can be used in other OS versions of windows too. As these are the top themes to represent the Windows 8, they are used in “Windows 8” OS too.

Meanwhile you can also check out various stuffs on Windows Themes at Free Windows Themes

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  1. Alex
    February 8, 2012 at 10:10 am #

    Nice theme but i’m confused are you giving introduction of windows 8 or describing about theme. ¿

    • February 8, 2012 at 1:35 pm #

      Well actually the Intro is meant to make user realise the power of new Windows 8, obvious the main motive is to list out themes that would make your Windows looks awesome….

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