Delta Force 2 PC Game for Windows XP and Windows 7

The game has the unique feature of situating the missions and operatives in the countryside. The objective of the player changes, which is to be selected from the different avatars presented by the game itself, with each missions. The main trick of the popular game is to check out the mission time, as it may not involve shooting too many men to get you main objective completed.

The choice of weapons is huge in the various variants if the Delta Force games, starting from knife to high end sniper rifles as well as RPG busters. Some of the objectives which repeat themselves in the different sequels of the original games are like eliminate all hostile forces, intercept an enemy convoy, rescue the hostages and so on.

Delta Force 2 PC Game for Windows XP and Windows 7

The game was first released in the year 1998, when the game engine used voxel based rendering system unlike other games of that time. The Delta Force was appreciated by the critics for emphasizing game play over the graphics. The minimum system requirement is thus very low in comparison to other action gaming.

The main thing which is interesting in the various versions of the game is that the playing character or the opponent forces are killed at one shot aimed anywhere on the body of the target. Thus you don’t have any health meter or health recovery tools available in the game. Once you are shot you are dead.

Named after the famous covert operative force of the US army, the game involves operations in different countries, where it involves rescuing the hostages of some foreign land or may be freeing an area from the local militancy. The place of operations being varied increases the interest in the gamers mind about what next to come.

Every time you are engaged into a mission you will be sky dropped from an airplane or helicopter, and also another mission-mate will be sent for your help. It is your duty to save the life of your fellow soldier. Remember that only once you are allowed to take shot on yourself. So keep your stealth and shoot only when required. Random shooting will only attract the attention of the enemy.

Available in various sequel forms the game is still popular while the last release of a version of the game is in the year of 2009 and is also available on the net to download

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