Does Soft skills still outweigh education in entry-level Employment hiring [Infographic]

Everyone have faced this situation, where the Soft Skills are given more importance than the Education skills while hiring an employee for a company or business. The market is known for hiring people from internships, but with the growth of rise in unemployment rate, in future the company is going to hire more from the internships area.

However, a new and definite study Millennial depicts that there is an enormous gap between employers and students. The following information graphics shows

  • Students should take 1 or 2 internship before graduation – as suggested by 91% employees .
  • 50% haven’t hired an employee from interns.
  • Only 16% employee are looking forward to work in social media.
  • Majority of people look to work in Facebook and Linkedin.
  • Only 2% want to work in Twitter.

While most companies look for an important thing in an employee, that is called “Soft skills“, which is valued most on the basis of communication, teamwork, flexibility and positive attitude, which are always required by anyone. While rest of the things can be thought, but these things comes from employee’s mindset.

The following study is really interesting and shows how companies and individual business hired people in this digital age.

Does Soft skills outweigh Education in Employment hiring [Infographic]

Source: Millennial Branding and Experience

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