Don’t Get Faked By Android Anti Virus Apps – [How to] Save

You say that you’re Android Smartphone is perfectly free of any security risks. But not in reality says a new report from independent testing organization AV-Test. AV-Test’s CEO Andreas Marx revealed that the Anti Virus vendors that have rove from desktop to Android performed the best. In a test conducted, Dr. Web, Zoner, F-Secure, Ikarus, and Kaspersky successfully detected 90% or more of the 618 types of malicious Android APK files. But users have to be accurate while choosing their apps as Lookout and Zoner are notable standouts as their PC versions are unavailable and new in Android market.

“Using these products you don’t have to worry about your malware protection,” wrote Marx. The further next group Android Apps which detected 65 to 90 % of the malware, include PC antivirus vendors AVG, Bitdefender, ESET, Norton, QuickHeal, Trend Micro, Vipre and Webroot. A yet another group encompassed entirely of PC security suite vendors which scored in the range of 40 and 65 % detections, and which includes Bullguard, Comodo, G Data, McAfee, NetQin and Total Defense. According to the report it might be due to the fact that they are new in the market and may lack insufficient sample collection infrastructure.

Don’t Get Faked By Android Anti Virus Apps - How to Save

Some of the other Apps that detected more than 0% but < 40% of the samples, and a final group of six apps detected nothing. And they are Android Antivirus, Android Defender, LabMSF Antivirus beta, MobileBot Antivirus, MT Antivirus, and MYAndroid Protection Anti virus according to the report.

According to the report the test was conducted by using a combination of the Android SDK, and the work of this Android SDK is that it replicates a scalable environment, and a real Android device for when the SDK wouldn’t work. The results were cross-checked in the SDK, emulating API level 10 (Gingerbread 2.3,) and on a real device, a Samsung Galaxy Tab running Froyo 2.2 and a Samsung Galaxy Nexus with Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0. All these Apps that were tested were allowed to update to their latest versions before testing and to connect to their cloud during testing.

The AV-Test finally concludes that there is a possibility to have sample sets that are easily flawed by malware that is no longer has been applicable. The report also explains that only most popular malware families were used for testing that were detected between August and December 2011. AV-Test says, “It is still possible to get a fairly accurate picture of the absolute detection rate.”

However, whatever might be the case, we are definitely sure that these anti virus does helps to give us the best Internet Security options available. While you can also check some of the best collection of All Internet Anti Virus Security Software available.

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