Download Audio Themes for Nokia Mobiles

Themes are the mode of enlightment of your mobile. It is way to show your personal mobile in a personalized way. Nokia phones and themes are never outdated when its comes to mobile world. It always comes out with variety of themes and models which gives a new impression every  time when it is launched. Nokia now provides you with the new trend of themes to attract people around you, Your mobile adds a point to your appearance and Nokia gives you the key to make your mobile even more attractive.

Audio theme is a marked as the new trend all over. Nokia is giving you a set of audio themes for your mobile, allow you to personalize it to user interface sound of your phone. These audio files are provided in a bunch which contains several sound files along with many attractive themes.

Free Download Audio Themes for Nokia Mobiles

The sound files are nothing but the sound representing normal profile like ringing tones, message alerts, clock alert and calendar alarm. Apart from this phone handling like fold open, fold close and menu events like enter menu, leave menu is also a part of sound effects.

To know if your phone supports this sound theme, you will have to install and see if any music icon is displayed. If so then you can download many other Audio themes based on your taste. The compatibility is found for Nokia the models: Nokia N78, N85, and 5700 XpressMusic.

To install the theme in your mobile, first click on the download link provided. Click on the package required and download that. If you are using your mobile phone to download this theme then your mobile will automatically start installing SIS-packages after the download is completed.

You can also download the theme in PC and then transfer the pack into your mobile through PC suite. As soon as it is transferred the file should be located in the mobile and installed.

To remove themes, application manager is used.  There will an option ‘remove’ in your application manager which will point to deletion of your audio theme. This application will remove the themes installed by the user and not by the SIS-package. Hence themes installed in PC and uploaded in your mobile can be deleted using application manager. You can download this theme

Free Download Audio Themes for Nokia Mobiles

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