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Most Windows based platforms are affected by virus. Virus is malicious coding’s which affect our computer data’s and affect the operating system. To eliminate that we are in need of a Good Antivirus. There exist thousands of files scanning programs which almost removes or delete the affected files. But many users search for an optimum file scanning Application which is more efficient and provides high performance. In such case Avast pro antivirus meets the needs of the various users.

Avast Pro Antivirus is one of reputed antivirus most widely used for security purposes such as Internet security and home security. Security is a major concern while surfing, downloading and visiting websites because most of the spam or bug will come through Internet. Avast Pro provides better Internet security than any other antivirus. Avast Pro ensures user friendly needs and supports most of the operating systems.

Free Download Avast Pro Internet Security 6 Full Version Antivirus

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Avast Pro Internet Security 6 Features includes

Sand box

Avast pro does not allow access to any other files which are currently running on the system. Ex:  If you are running a xx.exe file than it run within specified page allocation and does not access other process.

Customize scan

User always wants to scan only the selected files according to his needs.Avast pro provide facility to select and scan the files according to the user wishes. Ex: jar, tar, zip and etc.

USB scan

Most of the files and software are transferring among users using USB so we have to make sure that there is no virus is spreading via USB. Avast pro enhances the USB scanning to avoid spreading of virus.

Quick system scan

Avast pro offers better scanning for files, directory and drive during short time. It reduces the amount of time for scanning the entire file system.

Easy to Update

Avast pro provides automatic update and manual update impart by Avast organisation. It updates both virus definition and virus engine. It maintains the record of virus definition.

Virus chest

Avast pro has an option of moving the virus or virus affected files in a virus chest so that it does not spread and executable. Files which are important for user and which are affected by virus can be separated from virus and restore the files according to user needs.

Simultaneous scan

Generally the user wishes to scan the directories concurrently. Avast pro  scans files and directories it enable multi-scan option which helps to scan more than one directory and drives simultaneously.

You can download Avast Pro Internet Security 6 from the following official link

Free Download Avast Pro Internet Security 6 Full Version Antivirus

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