Download Beauty Pilot to Enhance Images with Quality Editing

Who in this world would not want their images to look good. Recently you took an image and that didn’t turn out well or do you see a visible pimple on your face in the picture or do you want to increase the brightness of the picture or make your face look spotless?

Well beauty pilot is such a tool with many outstanding features. Beauty Pilot tool enable user to enhance their image by providing many options.

Free Download Beauty Pilot to Enhance Images Quality Editing

Tools Features

Soft-Focus Lens

Soft Focus Lens tool plays the main part in image enhancement. Just click this tools and go over the image to edit and press mouse button and drag over the image face to remove the spots and pimples. The editing size of this lens can be increased or decreased as desired.

Eye Color

Eye Color tool is mainly useful in changing and editing the color of the retina of the eye. If you wish you had some colorful eye lens to give you a cool look in the picture then by using this tool it is possible to have one. Choose the desired color and fill the desired eye color.

Brightness and Contrast

Brightness and Contrast helps you to brighten your Image if it was taken in a dark environment. The auto correction option helps to do the auto enhancement of the picture. By this quality of image is increased.

Rotate and Flip

Rotate and Flip tool is used to rotate the image. The various Rotate and Flip Levels are:

  • Rotate Clockwise
  • Rotate Counter Clockwise
  • Flip Horizontal
  • Flip Vertical

All these options are used to rotate the image in the directions specified.
But Flip horizontal mode gives the best option. It makes a mirror image.


Resize tools helps you to resize the image in a completely new form. If the image is too big or too small in pixels. Then this tool enables pixel resizing. Select the image and edit using this tool and provide the new image width and height in terms of pixels.


Is there any annoying thing in your picture which you probably don’t want it to be there? Then this tool is the perfect solution for it. Select the image and select the areas to be cropped and then save the cropped new image. Well there are no annoying subjects in your image now and enjoy quality editing.

You can download this tool from our official downloadable link

Free Download Beauty Pilot to Enhance Images Quality Editing

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