Download Crysis 2 Game for Windows PC

Now if you have played the first part of the game, then it must be your expectation to gain a lot from the next part, which is the second part of the same game. The game does have had a lot of thing similar to that of the first part. Like the freaky and eerie kind of atmosphere of the whole game where the player needs to fight off the aliens to revive the city at siege from its apparent blockade.

The player has to play the part of a marine named Alcatraz who has the mission, which very stunningly, has to be performed by himself only. The minute detailing of the game and the over sized cinematographic effect over the game makes it a quite good one in terms of an action gaming. The first part of the same game did well among the critics by presenting an awesome experience to the lovers of the action gaming.

Download Crysis 2 Game for Windows PC

The variety provided by the Crysis 2 is just a bonus over the still popular first part, Crysis. The game offers a whole lot of good challenge to the most addictive gamers also, who love action gaming and are an expert. Though there are a few faults in the game, which we will be discussing in the next few lines, but other than that the game is a perfect one in terms of action as well as many other things which attract people towards the game.

The first thing which is to be noted about the game Crysis 2 is that the game does have got the beautiful detailing of the place where the game takes place or the city which has been under the siege of the aliens. The city detailing by the game producers have lead to an awesome review by the critics. Those minute detailing and the care given towards them truly appeals for praise from the gamers and critics at the same time.

But there are a few flaws in the game. The low Ai is one of them. The characters in the game have very low AI in comparison to other action games. The citizens of the city run at a place after they hit a roadblock or something like that.

Overall the game is good for playing, but the gamers who have loved the Crysis, had expected much better attempt than this one in their creation of the sequel of the Crysis. To download this game, you could visit

Download Crysis 2 Game for Windows PC

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