Download Files from Rapidshare Megaupload with JDownloader

Internet is meant for sharing informations and valuables. Users want to download films, songs and etc or softwares from websites for that user have to be there and operate it accordingly or you can say manual downloading. So for scenario like this people in need of downloader software which downloads specified files from web with less user interaction and interrupt less downloads.

JDownloader is one of the downloader software product used to download files and other informations from Rapidshare, megaupload and dozens other file hosting websites.

Free Download Files from File Download Website with JDownloader

JDownloader has several benefits over manual downloading from websites. It allows user to add as many as links to download, it process each link and gets download one after another.

Let view history of JDownloader developers JDownloader team. It was designed/coded in Java programming language has type of download manger software.

Features of JDownloader

1. JDownloader guarantee of no virus in its code

  • Since JDownloader written in Pure OOPS based Java platform it doesn’t have virus in it. Same time files which are downloading must be scanned for viruses using a good antivirus.
  • To install JDownloader users require Java installed in their operating system to run JDownloader.jar to start installation.

2. Download links

  • Users are allowed to give multiple download links to JDownloader to download corresponding files from that links.
  • Download links can be automatically added to downloading list by observing clipboard

3. Display of download status

  • JDownloader displays status of downloading links, host name and downloading progress.
  • Display of download status can be said as monitor tool for observing downloader.

4. Reconnect Feature

  • JDownloader has reconnect feature that allows downloading operation to be resumed even after connection fluctuation.
  • Using this feature JDownloader resume download rather than restart downloading files.

5. Platform Independent

  • JDownloader is open source and multiple platform support operating systems that include Windows, linux and Mac.
  • It doesn’t matter what operating system you use it’s only about Java installed in your system.

6. Valuable Tools

  • It contains Automatic extractor for password list search. Decrypt tool for container files RSDF, CCF and DLC.
  • It contains up to 300 decrypt plugins.
  • JDownloader has several themes to attract user and JDownloader offers multilingual support

7. Hosters Supported

  • JDownloader is one of most widely used so for its description its supports 110 one clicks hosters.

System Requirements

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, 7, Linux and MAC OS
  • Ram: 1GB recommended
  • Disk Space: depends on version
  • Java: Java 1.5standard edition and higher

You can download this tool at

Free Download Files from File Download Website with JDownloader

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