Download Free Best 2 New Year Themes For Windows PC

Free Download Buzz brings various themes to enjoy your computer timing. These themes are perfectly designed for Windows PC which will give you awesome experience on the desktop.

Lets take a look at some of them in the following section.

1. New Year 2012 Theme for Windows

New Year means a lot to lot of people around the globe. Many people take resolutions and try to maintain through the year. But if you want to have a nice look and feel of the New Year eve then why not decorate you’re your PC’s background theme with a nice awesome looking free New Year theme for windows. Yes this theme is free to download.

This theme has customized the various cursor looks of your mouse pointers. It has also customized shut down and start up windows sound also which really sounds good. Along with this theme it is also equipped with 7 high resolution wallpapers which really sets up the spirit of New Year’s eve.

Free Download Best 2 New Year Themes For Windows XP and 7

The default background has a light gray background along with the dark gray text stating “HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012”. It also has shadowing effects of the text also which is visible on the bottom of the image.

The theme is simple yet looks very professional which every office employee or a regular user would want to apply on his machine. So folks tight your seat belts and get ready to download this theme and have an awesome look and feel of the New Year’s eve.

You can download this theme from

Free Download New Year 2012 Theme For Windows XP and 7

2. New Year Fireworks Theme for Windows

Many people likes to have a fireworks look and feel by their PCs theme. This is one theme which has all the requirements and need which makes people happy. One of the wallpaper that amazes me is the one which has a green field with all sorts of colorful fireworks at the top of the sky making it looks like an angel’s night.

Various other wallpapers regarding new year are also integrated in this theme and you must check out them all. Well folks this theme is fully packed with many vibrant colors of different fireworks.

Free Download Best 2 New Year Themes For Windows XP and 7

One of the images which makes go users really crazy about applying this theme is an image with various flower petals which are designed in beautiful ways along with the year specified. The whole look and feel comes from the awesome lavender colored base of this theme.

After downloading this theme just apply it and in the display settings you can select various backgrounds available.

You can download this theme from

Free Download New Year Fireworks Theme For Windows XP and 7

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Free Download New Year Theme for Windows PC

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