Download Google Earth and Explore With Windows PC

When you are in huge traffic and you don’t know which way to go. When you are in new place or country you simply don’t know way to reach your destination. In olden days people use to refer maps and ask neighbor people how to reach their destination. When those maps and people don’t come into help here comes internet service software with Google earth.

In recent trend Google is working on kind of software to overcome user smaller problems easily. When you are innew cityand reaching destination seriously without anyone’s help is big challenge to user. But Google earth makes challenge very easier. Google earth is very big interface between user and place. By connecting Google earth with internet all location can be connected.

Free Download Google Earth and Explore With Windows XP, Vista and 7

Feature of Google Earth

There are 3 kinds of Search bars:


The place which you want to search must be entered in fly search dialog box. Google earth will directly fly to particular place. There will be three modes of display satellite view, Google map view and hybrid view.

Find business:

For business purpose when you are searching for company, hotels, many other important spot of business. Here is how you find it out there is “what” and “where” search column. In “what” column you can specify kind of place it is e.g.: hospital. In “where” column you can specify name of place it is e.g.: Chennai.


When you stuck in traffic you don’t know direction reach your place of destination. Here in direction search bar you can specify in “From” column where you’re standing “to” place of destination.

3D view:

New version of Google Earth has come with 3D view of place. It is awesome display to view the globe by way of satellite imagery. The company’s main aim is to display the geo- data in and around of that in 3D format.  Person can take photo of place and upload it in Google earth.

Street view:

Google earth display images with 3D view of that place. You can see street view of that particular place in 3D view. Just simply you have to enter zip code, an address, a street name, or similar into search bar which will take you to totally new entire world you see in Google earth at home.


Google earth is compatible with Windows XP andVista. Even with the many other older version of windows operating system.

Download the new Google Earth and Explore at

Free Download Google Earth and Explore With Windows XP, Vista and 7

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