Download Google Wallet Android App for Mobile Phones

Waiting your turn at the counter to pay cash? Now paying cash has become much easier to pay. Google Wallet is an Android based App which enables you to pay cash from your Mobile anytime anywhere. Paying cash has become so much easy using this App. Now there are no more waiting at the long queues for your turn to pay your bills.

Let us see some of the Features and Tools this App provides.

Free Download Google Wallet Android App for Mobile Phones

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  • An Android OS enabled Phone.
  • Allow Network Access.
  • This App is accessible only through Android Smart Phones.

Features of Google Wallet Android App

  • Google Wallet Android App is the easiest way of Mobile Payment System.
  • There is no necessity to carry your wallet with cash as the name of the App itself implies Google Wallet Android App.
  • No need to rely on any other means to pay cash just carry your Smart Phone with this App installed.
  • This App provides a service that enables you to pay for the stuffs you bought just by tapping your Phone to a Reader.
  • The reader here is called PayPass.
  • PayPass looks like a little plastic saucer fastened to a Credit Card Reader at a Checkout Pin.
  • This is the Best Mode to pay at any shop but remember it’s not an online transaction method like PayPal.
  • You literally have to go to a shop buy some stuff and make use of this facility and the App.
  • The only Cons in this App is that this App can be made use by only one phone in the entire world and that phone is Nexus S 4G
  • The major disappointing fact for the users is that this service only works with the MasterCard and a Google Prepaid Account which is a Virtual Payment Account.
  • But how do we get a Google Prepaid Account?
  • Well there’s a twist in story folks this account can be had only from the Google Wallet Android App.
  • Moreover this App is preinstalled with the Nexus S 4G and no need to get it from elsewhere.
  • But as they say a thing which arrives in market and gains popularity it cannot be in one place.
  • So as the technology develops it will be available on all the Android Phones. So hold your breath for it.
  • No wonder this App is going to rule the payment modes.

Download this App from

Free Download Google Wallet Android App for Mobile Phones

  • Rename the file to “” (please make sure you have file extensions set to show)
  • Place it on the root of your SD card (not in a folder)
  • Reboot into recovery
  • Select “Apply”

Have a

Google Wallet Sign up

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