Download MacOS X Theme of Windows 7 for Mac

Those of you who want Mac Themes, to give a look of Apple computer to your desktop, we have a solution. You can download Mac OS X Theme to your computer. It is a free theme and can give your desktop the look of Macintosh. It is the most appropriate and fine way to pay tribute to the biggest icon of our century or computer era—Steve Jobs.

He revolutionized the way we looked at computer, gave challenge to Microsoft’s Windows OS. He brought simplicity in usage and developed his Apple Computer in a way that Windows applications can be easily downloaded to the desktop or laptop.

Free Download MacOS X Theme of Windows 7 for Mac

The free theme, which is Mac OS X Theme, can be easily downloaded and customized. It is in English language which makes understanding of instructions easier for everyone worldwide. This and several other Mac Themes can work on Windows 98, Windows 2000, XP and Windows Vista. For downloading Mac Themes on your computer, you will require Window Blinds theme. Download it and your computer is ready for next generation with a new look.

You can also check out various stuffs on Mac Themes at Free Mac Themes

You can also check out various stuffs on Windows Themes at Free Windows Themes

The Mac OS X Theme has 20 styles and you can pick any. Someone who is found of water can take water, or platinum designs will intrigue you. Customize the free Mac Themes and give a diverse and new look to your Windows 7 or Vista. You can have color scheme of your choice, change the degree of transparency and many more such features.

Though this Mac OS X Theme does not have any Mac Themes wall paper, but it does give a feeling that you are using the desktop of Apple. The best part about this theme it is easy to download and you can get it for free. Without any payment you will get a look for your OS. This is the main purpose of the free themes, to help you change the old look.

Apart from Mac Themes, there are several Windows Themes available, which bring variety and color to your screen. You have several options to choose from, so decide and give your screensaver or the wall paper a new design. Bid adieu with élan and welcome New Year 2012, with a changed and positive look.

Mix and match your Mac Themes for creating something new for the wall of your desktop. Free themes give you a chance to speak your mind through the themes.

Free Download MacOS X Theme of Windows 7 for Mac

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